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Walking With Jesus Summer Fun


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 7 themes for 7weeks of Faith Walk activities.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jesus Listens When I Pray

Prayer is the  HEARTBEAT  of the Christian home and is the cornerstone of Faith Formation. 
 Prayer is the way we spend time with God. We have a conversation with Him which includes both talking and listening.

How do we teach this to our little ones? 

The most common way that most of us have prayer time
 is at the end of the day.
Bedtime prayers are a good way to introduce
 a young child to prayer. 

Add prayer books to bedtime story time.

Soft friends make great prayer buddies. Prayer Bears can be part of prayer time.

A Prayer Bear Pattern For A Cloth Bear

Children respond well to visual prayers. This paper Prayer Bear wears a band-aid for someone who is sick. A heart reminds us of love and to pray for other people's feelings and happiness. The flower can remind us to ask God for ways
 that we can be kind to others.

 Photos of family and friends make great prayer prompts. A Buddy from the Buddy Jar can be chosen each night and prayers for that person can be said. The Buddy Jar could be part of the classroom Prayer Station.

Create a photo cube for prayer time. Simply print photos of family and friends from the computer and glue them with some Mod Podge for protection.  The non verbal child can point to a picture and prayers can be said for the person in the photo.

Use Dollar Tree plastic photo albums for photos of friends and family. 
A personal prayer book is a great way to build a foundation of lifting those we know and love to God for healing or protection.

Pope Francis developed the Five Finger Prayer. Infants and toddlers can be held while their fingers are touched and prayers are said out loud for those that each finger represents. Preschoolers and older children can touch their own fingers. Toes can work too! 

Prayer Pails can be made for mealtime prayers. This is a great way to introduce new prayers and help those who have trouble making a decision on what prayer to say. Prayers can be typed on the computer or written small enough 
to be placed on a large craft stick.

For older children a prayer journaling page is effective in helping one to slow down and focus. This page was created with the Faith based classroom in mind. At the bottom of the page , kids choose a friend to pray for, write their name on the line, say the prayer prompt , sign it and cut it out and give it to the friend.  This is a free printable.

Sometimes our words are in our minds and hearts but we can't seem to say them. Praying in Color for Kids by Sybil MacBeth is a process that is helpful for children as well as adults. 
Read more about it here.

Display written prayers for children to see around the house. 
This hangs in a friends bathroom.

Blessing boards are a great way to show how God answers prayers. When you have been blessed with an answered prayer , write it down and display it. Pictures can be drawn and photos posted as well. Blessings boards can be large or small, with a visual reminder that when prayers go up, blessings come down.

As we model prayer and give His children "tools" that help to build a foundation of a daily prayer life, His children will pray. They will pray when something goes wrong. They will pray when something goes right or when life is confusing and scary. They will pray!

Jesus Listens When I Pray

And so we teach the next generation to pray Big prayers. In all of our weakness and sins, God works his love in and thorough us. How blessed are we that by the Lord's steadfast love, we too, can drawn near to Him with our every need.

April Family Prayer Calendar
Each day a prayer prompt is posted to use any time of the day. 
Click on the calendar to download and print.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Thanks Living Garland

 Give Thanks

A Visual Thanks Living

Telling The Story Of His Faithfulness

Using photos, simply printed on card stock. Some on actual photo paper and some on regular copy paper. 

Glued to tags ( link to get them below.)

Some have scripture verses on them. Some favorite quotes, and washi tape. 

Some are longer than others.

The backs are used too. I like to cover some of them with wrapping paper.

Telling The Next Generation

I am blessed with two Grand Daughters. 

One 3 and one soon to be 12.

The oldest Grand lives in Florida and the youngest Grand loves to remember her cousin by looking at pictures of their adventures together. 

Here she is putting happy face stickers on the back of one of her favorite photos.

The Thanks Living Garland Tells A Story

My mother is living a different life without her husband. He died from complications of Covid this past Spring.
My Son and Daughter -In -Law bought their own piece of the beach at Topsail Island, NC.
The youngest Grand entered the world of preschool.
My husband had a surprise triple heart bypass.
My Sister -In -Law lost her home and all of her belongings to a fire.
My Daughter celebrated a BIG birthday. 
The oldest Grand spent 3 weeks with us this Summer.
I retired from Children's Ministry
Whew! All this in one year!

Additions Each Year

Each year we add fun but meaningful items to the garland. This year we added hearts, giving thanks for the healthy heart that Grand Daddy now has.
Dried out clay made fun whimsical hearts.
Grape vine hearts ordered from Amazon look nice especially when the sun shines through them.

The Inspiration

My dear friend Connie and co-founder of Visual Faith Ministry displays her garland that she has added to for over 10 years. I am linking her blog post that tells her garland story. Vintage Grace
Also , I am posting the link to Visual Faith Ministry for more Keeping The Faith Projects. Visual Faith Ministry/Keep The Faith Projects. You will find the link for the tags here.

You Have A Story. Tell It!

My garland hangs in the dining room. It hangs there year round and I enjoy looking at it while remembering the fun times, the celebrations, the struggles and the answered prayers. 
It's my story. The Thanks Living Garland helps me tell it.
Pray Big! Love Much! 

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Peek From Last Week

 August 2021 Week #3

The Blog is where you can see the posts from the past week on the All Things Children's Ministry Facebook Group page.

Power of the 3 Word Love Language.

Households of Faith know the power of the 3 word love language. 

I Am Sorry
I Forgive You
Let's Try Again
I Love You
Jesus Loves You

Use Some Love Language this week. Even on the bathroom mirror. Fine the power and use it as armor against the daily fight with the devil.
1 Peter 5: 8-9 " Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings."

Scripture T Shirt Graphic

To celebrate over 300 followers at All Things Children's Ministry this free Scripture T Shirt graphic that I created is available for printing. It can be printed ledger size for the classroom. Each child can be given one to color and then all of the t-shirts can be hung on a bulletin board strung on a clothes line. 
Print multiples on a page for Bible book marks, journal and planner pages.

Marvelous & Magnificent Gift Tag


Treats for BACK TO EVERYTHING for teachers, friends, pastors, ministry leaders, mailman, and even front porch treats for the UPS and FEDX deliveries.
Click on the label sheet to download and print.
Prayers for a M&M year.
Pray Big! Love Much! Be Kind

Kids In The Kitchen

Fun Friday Family time with these easy kid approved recipes from Pillsbury.

Faith Word Card For August Week #4

Click on the graphic to download and print. 
Find Ephesians 6:10-20 in your Bible.
Highlight the verse.
Mark the place with the Faith Word Card.

August Week #4 Devotion Newsletter

Chalk Board Scripture Doodle

Look for this fun chalk board each week and my BeeBee Avatar for a new Scripture Doodle that you can download and print to use in you journal, planner and the margin of the Bible.
Click on the graphic below to download and print.